Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HTH PA Board Meeting Minutes for December 2009

Click to download: HTHMinutes-Dec 2009 (PDF)

DECEMBER 9, 2009

Meeting started @ 8:55a
ATTENDANCE:  Christine Rhoads, Laura Schaefer, Nancy Allen, Susie Kime, Gail Karon, Lorraine Goerke, Mary Wilson, Tabatha Gerber, Brett Peterson, Margie Gallego. 

Christine Rhoads 

January PA Board Meeting:  Agreed to cancel due to winter break and intersession. 

January Brett & Breakfast:  Agreed to cancel due to Brett being in Rome for intersession.  Note:  Gail to keep PA Board Meeting and Brett & Breakfast on the calendar with a “cancelled” caption.  

Catwalk:  Stuffing and addressing invites on Thursday, December 10th @ 9:00a.  Announced two new chairs:  June Heinz and Kerry Walker.

Directories:  There was a question as to if the directories went out.  Brett to track down.  Next year it was suggested that an email go out before hand to the parents.

VP-School Support
Maria Sheperd 

Hospitality:  There was no coffee at the last B&B.  Margie agreed to pick coffee up at Starbucks for this Friday’s B&B. 

Staff Holiday/Winter Break Luncheon:  Date set for Thursday, December 17th from 12:00 – 12:40p.  Agreed to do soup and salad from Tropical Smoothie (which is what we did last year and the teacher enjoyed).  Mary, Maria, & Laura agreed to help set-up.  We currently have $200.00 in the budget for this Lunch.  Christine also has a $35.00 discount.

Mary Wilson
eScrip (Susie Kime):  Mary suggested to remind Freshmen parents to change schools.

Gift Cards (Susie Kime):  $8,000 worth of gift cards were sold.  Susie will find out in a couple of days what dollar amount HTH will receive.  We may do this again in the spring.

Annual Campaign:  HTH is the leading school for contributions.  HTH goal is $82,000.  We are currently at $25,792.00 (31%).  Total school participation is only at 11%.  Mary wants to this to be communicated to everyone.  It was decided that they will be doing a phone-a-thon this year.  Mary to have an update at the next meeting.

Restaurant Nights:  Scheduled dates so far are:  Soup Plantation 1/21/10 and Pick-up Sticks 2/11/10.   
Discussed scheduling Extreme Pizza in January (not sure if it is too much to have two scheduled in one month).  Mary to call to schedule.
Would like to schedule Sammy’s Pizza for Exhibition Night 3/25/10.  Mary to call and check Sammy’s hours.  Maybe also have another option (Oggies, Panera)?

Approval of November Minutes
Tabatha Gerber 

Christine Rhoads makes a motion to approve minutes.
Lorraine Goerke to 2nd
Unanimous approval 

Treasurer’s Report
Nancy Allen
Paid $1,000 to David Jean Teacher Grant.
eScrip quarterly income is $130.59. 


Gail Karon
Website:  Logo wear is being removed – link through LandsEnd. 

Gifts and Grants/Teacher Wish Lists: 

Teacher Grant:  Jeff Robin (10th grade Art) $500.00 for pegboard wall to display artwork in Art Room.  Will be used by all students.  Sustainable for at least 10 years.  Christine went on the web and estimates cost at about $300.00.
            Mary Wilson makes a motion to approve $350.00
            Susie Kime to 2nd
            Unanimous approval 

Christine thought Jeff had already purchased material.  She checked with him during the meeting and he did already purchase with receipts of $500.00. 
            Mary Wilson makes a motion to revote to approve $500.00
            Susie Kime to 2nd
            Unanimous approval 

Note:  Ace Hardware has been donating to other schools.  We should keep them in mind and give them our business. 

Teacher Grant:  Jesse Wade Robins (11th grade Biology) $435.00 for materials for Ecology Experiment – San Dieguito Lagoon.  Mary says she might be able to get a grant for this.  Jesse has already purchased with Team Budget.  Jesse says she has another project coming up too. 
            Laura Schaefer makes a motion to approve
            Mary Wilson to 2nd
            Unanimous approval 

Note:  Jesse’s next project needs to be submitted to Mary Wilson to see if she can get a grant for it. 

Dances are not being communicated to parents.  It was suggested that the information be on the website and also that the parents be sent an email. 

Meeting adjourned 10:20a.
Minutes Prepared and Submitted by
Tabatha Gerber, Secretary