Monday, January 29, 2018

HTH Newsletter

"Story is the wisdom that can guide you to your true destiny--both temporal and spiritual. All of the great myths, legends, and fairy tales have that power. If you understand their secrets, they can guide you to a full realization of your self. Great stories are designed to guide us to our full potential and are as necessary to our well-being as fresh air."
-James Bonnet, author Stealing Fire From the Gods.

Here are some stories and we hope you find some fresh air.

Welcome to High Tech High
This year we are excited to share this special peek into the culture, people and projects that form the stories of HTH. Coming to you in many forms, we begin with pictures below and look forward to sharing often. Enjoy! – Kaleb
Click on this link to check out this amazing project! 


Alumni Conversations:
Graduates from 2008-2017 share Life, Work and College
insights with this year's SENIORS with Bagels & Starbucks.
Created by Margaret Egler.

Please plan to join the always fun, HTH ALL School Spruce Up!  It only happens once a year, so mark your calendars and don't miss it!!
  • Come all day, or just for an hour to help Teachers clean, organize, fix, paint and beautify their spaces
  • Students can earn community service hours and extra credit!! 
  • Good coffee and yummy food provided
Questions contact HTH PA member Lisa Ferguson -  / cell-text 619.840.1733
Thank you HTH families!!

If your child is late to school, they MUST stop by the front desk to fill out a tardy slip. If your child will be late due to a doctor's or dental appointment please call (619)-243-5000, and leave a message on the attendance line. Or you can also email at  to inform of Site Manager. 
We have had a high number of unexcused tardies in the last few weeks. It is very important that students arrive to school on time in order to get the most out of their school day. Thank you! 

The purpose of the HTH dress code is to foster a professional, safe and respectful environment at school. The dress code is in effect from the time students arrive to school until they leave. Note that students must be in dress code before school begins if they enter the building before the official start of school. The dress code
applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school-related activities, unless the supervising adult informs the students otherwise.
The dress code applies equally to students and staff.
  • Students must either wear a short or long-sleeve blouse, shirt with a collar, or sweater.
  • Shirts must be buttoned.
  • Shoulders must be covered and exposed mid-sections are not acceptable.
  • T-shirts may not be worn over collared shirts.
  • Printed t-shirts are not allowed.
  • Sweaters and jackets of an appropriate size and length may be worn over, but not in place of, an appropriate shirt.
  • Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed to substitute for an appropriate shirt.
  • Appropriate school attire includes long pants, shorts or skirts worn with the waistband at the waist.
  • Excessively baggy pants, athletic wear, and sweatpants are not acceptable
  • Jeans in good repair are acceptable.
  • Skirts and shorts must be of acceptable length (2 inches above the knee).
  • Other clothing guidelines
  • Clothing items with text that promotes violence, alcohol, tobacco or drugs are not allowed.
  • Flips flops and slippers are not allowed
  • Exposed midsections are not allowed
  • Hats, hoods and bandanas are not allowed. Head coverings worn for religious reasons will be allowed.
  • Earrings are fine, but no other visible piercing. Small, clear studs are allowed in place of nose rings during the school day.
  • Appropriate attire for academic internships varies by workplace. Students must remain in dress code while at school.
Wednesday Jan. 31st at 5pm HTH Familias Unidas Positive Parenting 
Saturday February 3rd at 6pm Winter Formal
Tuesday February 6th at 8:30am PA Meeting 
Saturday February 10th Spruce Up Day 
Tuesday February 13th at 9am HTH Odyssey Meeting 
Wednesday February 14th at 9am Koffee With Kaleb 
Friday February 16th and Monday February 19th No School 
Do you shop at Target, Starbucks, Amazon or Ralphs? If so, you could be earning free money for High Tech High. If you shop at Target or Starbucks, use the Benefit app to purchase a gift card. If you shop at Amazon, use the link on the Parent Association website. If you shop at Ralphs, sign up for Escrip. 
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