Sunday, October 24, 2010

HTH PA Board Meeting Minutes for June 2010

Click to download:  HTHMinutes-June 2010 (PDF)

JUNE 3, 2010

Meeting started @ 6:40p
ATTENDANCE:  Nancy Allen, Susie Kime, Gail Karon, Lorraine Goerke, Tabatha Gerber, Margie Gallego, Christine Rhoads, Laura Schaefer, Patti Bruffey, Maria Sheperd.

Christine Rhoads
Welcome New PA Board!
            Co-Presidents:  Patti Bruffey and Cris Anderson
            VP-School Support:  Carrie Flowers
            VP-Community Outreach:  Rosa Esparza Schaefer
            VP-Development:  Susie Kime
            Secretary:  Tabatha Gerber
            Treasurer:  Nancy Allen
            Parliamentarian:  Marie London

Orientation Packets:  PA to put together week before orientation (Mid-August).  Christine to send out date 

Graduation:  Need parents of 11th grade students to volunteer.  Christine to send out email.  Volunteers contact Laura.

VP-School Support:
Maria Sheperd
Prom:  Prom went well.  Maria is looking into sites for next year. 

End of year Volunteer Thank You – curbside?:  Christine to send Thank you email to volunteers/parents. 

Welcome Coffee/Host for B&B:  Maria to talk with Carrie Flowers (new VP-School Support) regarding Welcome Coffee on first day back to school and host for B&B. 

Mary Wilson/Susie Kime
Restaurant Nights:  Susie to check with Mary to see if she has any restaurant nights scheduled.

Approval of March Minutes
Tabatha Gerber
Christine Rhoads makes a motion to approve minutes.
Laura Schaefer to 2nd
Unanimous approval 

Treasurer’s Report
Nancy Allen
No Changes 

Meeting adjourned 7:20p.
Minutes Prepared and Submitted by
Tabatha Gerber, Secretary